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Need Rental Help After Gap of Employment

My Story:

I am a 60 year old, single female. I relocated to IN from ID approximately 18 months ago and I have been working to make ends meet. I first was working temporary contracts but have since gained permanent employment at Lowe's.

My temporary employment with UND ended before I was able to gain a new job. I was looking for full time employment and finally I was able to land a job. However this gap caused me to If all behind on my rent. I need Modest Needs help to keep the roof over my head.

This assistance would grant me a sense of security in retaining a place to live. It would give me peace of mind knowing that my landlords are not enduring hardship due to my delinquency. I have always had full-time permanent employment my entire life prior to relocating to Indiana. It would make a huge difference in my future outlook and endeavors. Your assistance would mean a lot.

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