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Car Repairs Could Leave Family Homeless

My Story:

I am a married mother of 5 beautiful children (three of them are my step children) and I live with my wonderful husband who is suffering from mental illness. Besides working full time, I also need to take care of my ill husband.

My husband suffers from severe hypertension, depression and needs therapy to deal with his suicidal thoughts. With me being the sole provider for our household, it is really difficult to have some extra money saved up. Recently our car broke down and I had to pay for this unexpected repair. This expense threw us off financially and now I need help to keep the roof over our heads. I need Modest Needs assistance with paying our rent for this month, so we don't get evicted.

This funding will help bring my household rent current, and allow me to have a peace of mind. Also your help would relieve the additional stress on my ill husband. This will also keep a little stress off of my 13 year old son who is dealing with bullying and peer pressure at school.

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