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Couple Needs Handicap Ramp for Wheelchair Access to Home

My Story:

I am 56 years old and I live with my husband who works full time. I have a chronic progressive non-curable disease called Lipo-lymphedema. I can no longer walk and have to use a wheelchair. Up until just a few months ago, I was able to push my wheelchair and take the 2 steps to get into my home. Now that the disease has affected my left arm, I had to get fitted with an electric wheelchair this week. My new wheelchair will be to heavy for my husband to lift in and out of our home.

This is why I am seeking help to get a ramp. Having this ramp will allow me to get into my house on my own. We looked into having a wooden one built but it was going to be $1600. This aluminum ramp is still out of reach financially but costs much less. I have shed too many tears over the loss of being independent and when my therapist said it was time again for another change, I knew she was telling me that I needed to keep moving forward into another unknown. We desperately need your assistance with the cost of this ramp.

We live paycheck to paycheck, like most people these days, and because I am unable to work we have found ourselves with this burden. This has been so emotionally difficult for the both of us. We needed Modest Needs' help to get through this hurdle. I just don't want to be a prisoner in my own home. With iths funding I will be able to leave my house for doctors' appointments, therapy and church, without worrying if my husband will get hurt trying to get me and my wheelchair in and out of the house. This ramp will truly be a blessing to us. I just know that God has me on this journey for a reason. Thank you to anyone who feels led to help us. God Bless.

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