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Do Not Let This Veteran Sleep on the Floor

My Story:

I am a single man living alone in Louisiana. I am a veteran who lives month to month off of my veteran's retirement benefits.

I was put out of the place where I was living which caused a huge financial setback. I just got into a new apartment at the end of February, but after moving costs I am completely financially depleted and I do not have savings with my limited income. While I am happy to have a place to call home again, I do not have any furniture. I need Modest Needs help with a mattress set so I do not have to continue to sleep on the floor.

Your assistance will allow me to feel more comfortable at night, and not sleep on the cold floor. I will not go into debt by buying a mattress I cannot afford, and I will have an actual bed. Your assistance will mean so much to me, in getting me set up in my new home. Thank you so much.

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