Paid 04/11/2019
Self-Sufficiency Grant
Military Veteran
Imminent Loss of Vehicle

Fully Funded

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Thank you all so very much for your generosity. Our family has been through a lot the last few years. Chris has struggled with PTSD that came to a head two years ago after an Annual Training event for the Army Reserves. He went through significant therapy and struggled to get on track mentally. This caused significant problems in his workplace and he has struggled to maintain his civilian employment. Our youngest son was diagnosed with Autism last summer and we made the decision for me to stop working so that I could focus on his therapies. We travel to Baltimore several times a week. In January, Chris was let go from his full-time job leaving us with no income. He was out of work for more than two months and all of our bills fell behind. Thankfully, he was able to find another job and has started there, but a few weeks after starting was required to attend two weeks of training on Army orders. This again put us behind waiting on Army pay and the difference from his civilian job. We can�t thank you enough for helping to provide us the chance to move forward. Your generosity will help to get us one step closer to catching back up. Chris and I both work very hard to take care of our family and we are committed to rebuilding so our family can stand firm. Thank you Chris & Amy Knaby

Loss of Work for Veteran Father of 3, Please Get Vehicle Payment Caught Up

My Story:

I am married with three children. My youngest was recently diagnosed with Autism and my wife is unable to work due to the care needed for him. I have been battling with PTSD, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as well as other injuries from my military service and deployment. These issues caused me to unexpectedly lose my job in January. I am trying to keep my family afloat.

The sudden loss of my employment has put our family in financial crisis. I just got hired but the gap of income really hit us hard and we will need help to get back on track. My new job will cover all of our bills, but not the missed payments and late fees. I am requesting that you bring my car payment up to date.

Without taking care of this expense I fear that I will lose my vehicle which is my transportation for my job. Therefore, my family would further be in financial distress without this help. This funding will allow me to get back on my feet and ensure that I can provide for my family. Your assistance is crucial for us.

As of 2019-04-11, this application has been fully funded!

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Application Status Update: On 2019-04-26, Modest Needs sent payment via Check in the amount of $617.23 to Ford Credit on behalf of this deserving individual.