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Disabled Son's Extended Hospital Stay Causes Need for Rental Help

My Story:

I am married father of three gorgeous children. My eldest is 8 years old, she loves to read, make new friends, and help others in need especially at home. My son who is 2 is a very sweet boy who has been diagnosed with Congenital Muscular Dystrophy, Muscle Eye Brain Disease. He is unable to speak, roll, sit or stand. But he has the best personality of us all. Always a pleasant to be around, constantly smiling and laughing just because he can. My youngest child, would be my son who is 10 months old. Born on the same birthday as me. He is a very well-developed smart baby ahead of his time. My darling wife of nearly 9 years, is my hero and pure inspiration. She is the center our family unit. She stays home with the children and cares for our son who his many medical appointments due to his condition. Unfortunately my wife placed her pursuit and dreams of becoming a Ultrasound Tech on hold as our son requires a lot of time on top of keeping up with a healthy 10 month old. I work full-time as a Clinic Medication Technician (Certified Pharmacy Technician that works in a Clinic office setting). I am a partially disabled Prior Armed Forces service member.

In January, our son got sick and after speaking with a nurse we decided to take him into the local children's hospital. He was admitted that same night. They are still trying to see why he is sick and not keeping anything down. They have done multiple tests and still nothing. I am the sole income provider and have been by his side the whole time. I have missed work and now out of paid leave. Mom has been traveling back and forth every day and taking care of the house, and keeping some normalcy for his siblings. We have exhausted my vacation leave with my employer and have no savings to draw from. Meanwhile our monthly bills are starting to add up. We need your help with our rent.

At this point in our lives we can not afford to be evicted with 3 children at home on top of my son's medical condition. This funding will bring our household much relief. Once my son is discharged from the hospital, I will devote myself to my current full-time job and a part-time evening and weekend employment to build on our finances to prevent such strain from happening again. That way I can always provide for my family. Thank you.

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