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Please Help Me Catch Up After Surgery For Cancer

My Story:

I am 26 years old and have have 2 kitties. I raised them by hand; one thinks she's a dog, and the other thinks he's a person. It ends up quite entertaining. I have worked 2 jobs for the past 2 and a half years. People ask me how I do it all the time. My answer? I just have to so I do. I am currently studying biology and I have about 2 more years before I am finished.

I went to a regular check up last year and I left with an appointment with a specialist. After 2 more appointments and several tests, I had a diagnosis of stage 1 cervical cancer. Caught early, thank goodness. I ended up needing surgery that kept me out of work for longer than expected due to some bleeding issues and a bad reaction to anesthesia. I ended up having to skip Holidays to keep my head above water, but I am still sinking. I had to go through my savings and it's been tough. I need your help with my phone bill.

This funding would help me be able to keep the roof over my head. Once this is taken care of and I go back to working 70+ hours a week, my savings will build easily and I will not longer have to be worried or stressed about my next steps. Thank you.

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