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Single Woman Needs Help With Deceased Mother's Ambulance Bills

My Story:

I live alone since my mom died in August 2016. I am disabled with COPD and serious back and my breathing is very limited. I live with my cats and dog. I am currently looking for some kind of work that I can do from home to help supplement my income.

Like lots of people, my mom and I were not prepared for illness and the drain it would cause financially. She was very sick and required several transports by ambulance. Unfortunately her insurance did not cover enough of the bill and left me with a large bill.I need Modest Needs help to cover this ambulance bill. I have been informed that Guilford County EMS will not work with me and they will force me to sell the house to pay the bill.

I have sold everything now and there is really nothing left and I need your help. This funding will help me to sleep better and take this horrible and tremendous weight off my mind. Worrying about this ambulance bill and the fear of losing the house my parents bought really is keeping me awake and so stressed and depressed. This funding will ease my mind and allow me to stay in my home.

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