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Need Help With Car Repair to Continue Job

My Story:

I am a single mom. I have a 16 year old son who is attending high school back east for a year and he can't wait to come back to sunny California. I have been working full-time as a high school clerk since September of 2018. Before then, I was a Master Pre-K teacher for over 25 years and 1 year as a Preschool Director. I have also worked with elementary and middle school special education students until I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and became disqualified for my position as a Special Ed. Technician and for my own safety, I was put on leave until a new position became available that didn't require physical activity, that took 4 months with half pay when my sick pay ran out.

I barely earn enough money to live and my car is 13 years old. It just started giving me problems around October/November and I had some work done on my car. This last repair is just too much for me to handle financially right now. I have not driven my car since the 22nd of December when it stopped on me as I turned a corner and rolled perfectly into a parking spot. I became discouraged with getting it fixed and thought about getting another car but, I can not afford a car payment at this time. I need my car to get to work and to travel to different school sites. My Principal is not happy with my situation because it is interfering with my job. I need Modest Needs help with this repair.

I have already extended myself with other repairs and I have been taking Lyft to work each day. This funding will allow me to get to work and fully fulfill the responsibilities of my job. Also, because of my medical condition I will be able to get around better and not be stuck and depending on other people to transport me. I usually get a new car every 10 years but this time financially it's not possible. I would truly appreciate the help and when I'm able to, I want give back apart of what was given to me, to help someone else in need. Thank you.

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