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Loss of Work Hours Caused Family to Fall Behind

My Story:

My spouse, my four children and I relocated from a small town to a bigger city. We are still in the process of getting back on our feet and are currently staying with my sister and her husband. I'm a stay-at-home mom since I have a toddler who will be 2 years old next month and a baby who is 6 months. Child care is expensive right now since we are living off of one income. Since we have to use two car seats still, we decided to purchase a bigger van. We kept the smaller car for my kid's dad to use it for work.

My children's father previously experienced a loss of hours at work because business slowed down. This has put us behind on our car title loan for 2 months and we are at risk for our car to be repoed again since the contract states if I go past 60 days they will repossess. I am afraid if they come and take the car again, this will affect how he gets to work and the children to school and doctors appointments. He will not be able to take the city bus with his early schedule. We need help to catch up on our car payments.

With this help my children's father will be able to keep his job that he loves and I will be able to continue to use my van to transport our children to school safely. I will also be able to keep appointments that I already have scheduled. Thank you.

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