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Veteran With PTSD Needs Rental Help After Job Loss

My Story:

My wife and I are both in our mid-40's. She had total hip and total knee replacement surgery in the last year and is still rehabilitating. I have always been able to keep our household afloat but after losing my job in May, I haven't been able to find anything close to the salary I was making. We can't relocate for a job because Sarah still needs follow up care from her same doctors.

I went out on FMLA and Disability on January 26th. I tried to return to work in early April even though the doctors were still uncertain what was causing the vertigo and panic attacks. About 2 weeks after returning I was diagnosed with PTSD from having gone homeless in 2013 for 9 months. I missed 3 days in a row after I came back and the doctors were tying to determine best course of treatment and medications. I was terminated for attendance and because of that it was hard to find a new position, but I did just start a new job. I have kept us afloat barely and we are in dire need of assistance or we will be evicted and sadly go homeless again. We have no family or friends to help us.

We have until the end of December to get the account current or he will likely proceed with eviction. The funding will get us all the way caught up. I have always stood on my own two feet, but this situation has stretched me beyond my current means. Realistically, I cannot catch us up on the past due rent without help, but I can stay current with your assistance.

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