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Help With Car Payment After Reduced Income

My Story:

I am a single mother of one 15 month old boy. I live with his father. I work as a patient coordinator at the hospital near our home and his dad does concrete work in the summers. Our son attends daycare full time and we will be decreasing that in the winter months.

During the summers we earn enough to cover costs, but in winter our income typically decreases. This year the decrease happened sooner than we expected. My boyfriend has been looking for work, but has had some trouble and will be receiving unemployment going forward, however we got behind on the house payments during the lapse. We manage to get caught up with those but need some assistance with our car payment now.

If we can get caught up with this expense we will be able to be current with all of our bills and stay current moving forward. This funding will help us get through the winter months until work becomes available for a masonry worker in the state of Minnesota.

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