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User-submitted image -  Click to see real sizeI am incredibly blessed by the generosity that has been shown to my family. In a time when we are often seeing so much hatred, conflict, and negativity in our world it is truly inspirational to know, and see demonstrated, such kindness among our citizens. I am so very grateful and humbled by those that chose to donate in such an expeditious manner to ensure that that my children and I can travel safely throughout the winter. God is SO good as evidenced in your graciousness. Although it has been a rocky time in our lives, it is but a moment, and it has been a blessing for my children to be able to experience the beauty of this giving process. A million thank yous could never be enough. Happiest of holidays to you all and a sincere THANK YOU from all of us!! -A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.- Proverbs 11:25

Single Mother Had to Unexpectedly Move, Needs Help With New Tires

My Story:

I am a single mother of two children. My son is 12 and a talented soccer forward as well as defender. He also plays percussion in his school band and has a beautiful voice. My daughter is 10 and is also a talented soccer player, playing the position of goalie. I am employed full-time as a Family Housing Case Manager at our local homeless shelter. I am so incredibly blessed by the families I am able to interact with. I play violin, although I am not currently active in our community orchestra, but I do sing Alto with our community college choir which is the one thing I do for myself as music has always created an escape for me in challenging times.

We are usually a stable family so it is actually a challenge for me to swallow my pride at this time. My children are well cared for and have all they need and often more, as can be seen by the activities that they are blessed to be able to participate in. We have been residing in a rental since March of 2016. This fall my elderly landlord passed away and on October 30th I received a shock when I was delivered an eviction notice by my landlord's daughter stating that they were selling the property and her siblings had decided that they would like us to move from the unit by December 1st. I am so completely blindsided and devastated with the thought of nowhere to go and the holiday season upon us. As a housing case manager I also know the grim reality of securing affordable housing in our community. It is so humbling going from guiding your clients to joining the ranks of them. We will stay with my sister in an incredibly small 2 bedroom mobile home VERY temporarily as she has a housing voucher that does not allow anyone to live with her, and we will forgo Christmas gifts as rebuilding our savings to have funds for housing down payments is much more important. Living in northern Michigan, I have a need for quality tires as this is a snow belt region. I live roughly 20 miles outside of our main city which is where I work and the kids attend school. I need help with the cost of new tires at this time.

If I take from any housing funds that I will be working to save up while staying at my sister's home to purchase tires, the longer my children are without an adequate home, and also the longer I am putting my sister's housing in jeopardy as well. Having assistance to purchase tires would relieve one barrier to stability we are currently facing. My children and I are active in various service projects as I teach them to have a kind and giving heart as one never knows when the unexpected can happen and it could be them in this position for any variety of reasons. This would truly be an illustration of my teaching to them.

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