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Please Help Single Mother of Two With Utilities After Surgery and Income Loss

My Story:

I am a single mother of two beautiful girls, ages 10 and 3. They are my world. They are both full of life, so lovable and they are very smart individuals. My oldest is a cheerleader and loves to dance. My youngest plays soccer and loves music. I work full time as an assistant manager at a consulting firm.

I live pay check to paycheck and have no savings. I had an injury at work which resulted in surgery and time off work to recover. This combination of not having savings, and missing work caused me to fall behind on my expenses. Slowly but surely I am getting back on track but I really need help. I need Modest Needs help with my light bill. This is very important because it is staring to get cold here in Boston and I need electricity to feed my children.

This funding will help me to get all caught up with the bills at home and have peace of mind. We will be able to enjoy the holidays with a warm home and hot plate of food. This will also give me the chance to start saving for any other emergencies in the near future. I want to show my daughters how great and humble individuals can be. Hopefully in the near future we can help and or donate. Thank you so much for your helping hand.

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