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Injured Father Needs Help With Overdue Heating Bill

My Story:

I am married to a beautiful woman and we have one child. She is a 12 year old young lady, loves to dance and play music. She is very talented. My wife takes the very best possible care of my daughter. I currently work full time at a furniture manufacturing company, and my wife is a homemaker. We have 2 loving dogs and live in a small town in Northern NH. I love my Bruins, Red Sox, Patriots and Celtics. I used to play soccer and hockey in college and after, but I am no longer able to do so.

Even though I am a hardworking man with a full time position, I have been limited to the type of work I can do. I was injured in December 2016 at work, yes I was covered by workers compensation but it wasn't enough. I now have permanent impairments in my shoulder and neck that will never fully heal without extensive surgery. In April of 2017 we were forced to file bankruptcy due to the decrease in income. Though I am healing, I deal with some level of pain daily and we are still struggling to make it all work. I am back to work now but we need Modest Needs help with our heating bill.

Paying off our heating bill will be a huge help so we can start fresh. It would take quite a strain off me. We are getting threats of collection at this point since we are over 6 months late. My family would forever be grateful for you assistance during this time as we get back on our feet.

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