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Family Needs Mortgage Help After Surgery

My Story:

I am a married father of 2. My 12 year old loves sports: basketball, football, lacrosse. My 10 year old loves cheerleading and softball. We love to go fishing, hiking, shooting, and be outdoors. I work as a machine operator after I got out of the service and my wife works at a credit union.

Earlier this year, my prosthetic leg gave out on me while walking down the stairs. I fell down the steps, shattering my collarbone into 3 pieces. My wife and I both had to take time off of work for my surgery and the recovery. At the same time, they said my wife no longer was approved for the caregiver program. We are now both back to work and are trying to play catch up. We also had to put in $3,000 so our car would pass inspection. With the expense of our vehicle and being out of work for surgery, we are in need of one mortgage payment. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Providing one month payment with our mortgage would help us get caught up and relieve some of the stress on both my wife and I. It will allow us to have room to breathe going into the holiday season. Your assistance would be a huge blessing for my family.

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