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My Story:

I was single mom for 9 years with no help from their father. Now I'm married and both my boys are in college, one is going to UCSD and the other is at Texas University. My 72 year old mom is living with me and my younger sister too. I have to take care of them, plus I work full time. My husband drives for Uber and Lyft.

We are living paycheck by paycheck and do not have a savings to fall back on. My sister broke both her ankles 3 years ago and last year had the last surgery, so just start working with Uber again. I also am helping out with my sons� living expenses in college. One of our vehicles recently was in an accident, which we needed to pay our deductible out of pocket. This really set us back and we need your help with our utility bill.

Your assistance will ensure our services will not get shut off, leaving us in an even bigger bind. This would bring our bills current and remove the huge amount of stress I feel daily. Thank you for reading.

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