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Rare Illness After Beating Cancer, Please Help With Medical Bill

My Story:

I made it to 40! I didn't think I had the strength. I am married to the love of my life. We have two daughters and are raising my niece. Our oldest is 19 and is working on her CNA, and had a daughter last year. My granddaughter has given me the extra strength to push through. Our second daughter is 13 years old and she is my advocate. When I was pregnant with her I had my stage 4 cancer. Both of my girls are best friends. We are also raising my 9 year old niece as one of our daughters as she had a hard start to life. In our spare time we camp and swim. We eat dinner as a family at the table. We laugh and always look out for each other.

I had stage 4 soft tissue sarcoma in 2005. Its like the cancer is trying to find other ways to take me with a large variety of rare and other diseases. The short term financial hardships is for seeing multiple doctors at KU Medical Center. I saw an Immunologist, Rheumatologist and Cancer Doctor. The appointments all hit at once and very fast. When I got the bill, it was equal to a house payment. I make no cortisol which means I don't have fight or flight. I don't process stress like a normal person. A normal situation could be simple and easy but it puts my levels extremely high. We need Modest Needs help with this outstanding medical bill.

The funding will take the stress off my shoulders and stop the calls. It will allow me to feel like I can breath. It will take the helpless feeling away. It will remove feeling like a burden. It will just make me grateful to know that someone cares enough to help me. Thank you so much.

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