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Married Teachers Need Your Help With Their Phone Bill Due to Relocation

My Story:

I am married with four daughters, two of which will be in college. My husband and I are both teachers in the public school system and just recently relocated to better ourselves financially. Our oldest two daughters are both art majors though in different fields, one graphic design and the other photography. The younger two are in 10th and 7th grade. The tenth grader has a love for computer science and plays the cello in the orchestra. The youngest daughter loves cooking and is a math wiz.

We earn enough to pay for our bills when school is in. The problem occurred when we relocated from Florida to Georgia, we used up the money we had to move thinking all the while we were going to have more money coming in. The hardship came when the previous school board refused to pay my husband for the summer and I was denied a bonus that was paid to the other teachers because I didn't return for next year. We then arrived here and had car trouble with both cars requiring repairs. We are driving for Uber and Lyft to make ends meet until school starts. The problem is we don't make enough to pay all our bills doing that. We need Modest Needs´┐Ż help with our phone bill.

This funding will bring our bills current and allow us to get to our first pay date in our new jobs. After we reach our first pay date we will be fine. We will then become donors to help others the way we have been helped. Your help will be the bridge that allows us to get back on our feet and re-established in our new location.

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