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Please Do Not Let My Injury Make Me Homeless

My Story:

I am a single mother living in Missouri. I work full time at a nursing facility as a certified nurse's assistant. I am my sole provider and do not have a large support system for assistance.

I had broken my toe in 2 places which was not only very painful but caused me to miss work. I could not work full time because of the physical responsibilities of being a nursing assistant. I am paid on a daily basis so I lost vital income. I fell behind on my rent, and I was trying to make payments every two weeks but the late fees and my other bills piled up. I really need Modest Needs' help to pay my rent.

Your assistance would be a lifeline for me. Your help would allow me to catch up on all of my bills and regain my stability. I will be able to heal completely and move forward in self sufficiency. Your assistance will help me feel less alone. Thank you.

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