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Please Don't Let Cancer Take Our Home

My Story:

I am married and currently work full time as an activities assistant at a long term care facility. I started the Music and Memory program to help calm Alzheimers and Dementia patients. I really enjoy working day to day with my residents. My son Arturo comes into the facility to play flute during holidays, making it a family affair. I enjoy spending time with my residents, family and dogs Greta and Emma Peanut.

We are asking for your organization's support because I was diagnosed with cancer in January 2018. My family has been facing a difficult time emotionally, physically and financially due to my illness. We now have to choose between paying medical bills, a car repair and our mortgage. Our current car (Honda 2005) needs brakes, shocks and tires. The unexpected medical bill is passed due. We currently have no savings due to paying medical bills last month. We need your help in paying my medical bill. Our family is worried this unexpected medical bill will cause us to lose our home, because we would have to choice between paying the mortgage or medical bill. The bill is due June 10th.

Thanks to your organization's funding, I know it will help relieve our family's financial burden for this month, and give us a chance to regroup. It's very hard for me to ask for help because I have also worked all my life to support my family. Having an organization like yours truly does make a difference in our lives. Thank you so much.

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