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I Was Attacked By A Dog While On The Job. Without Your Help, I Will Lose My Home Because Of It.

My Story:

I am single mother of almost 10 years. My daughter is 9 years old. She wants to be a doctor and a cheer leader when she grows up. She helps cook and does everyday chores. She also helps her teachers. She is actually the class leader this year. I work full time now for Medicaid. I feel like I am saving peoples lives.

I was previously employed by USPS. I was attacked by two pitbulls while delivering mail. I was hospitalized for over a month. I was paid at all while I was out of work which has caused all my bills to fall behind and I received an eviction notice. I need Modest Needs help with my rent, which will allow me to get back on track.

Your help will releive my stress and headaches. Right now, it feels like a struggle to have special moments with my daughter Ariel. You would breathe happiness back into our lives. You would allow us to feel secure in our home and begin to rebuild after our world was rocked by my injury. My body has recovered, but your kindness will help to heal my spirit.

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