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Please Help Us Afford Our Rent After A Temporary Schedule Reduction At Work Made Us Fall Short.

My Story:

I am a 36-year-old artist and am engaged to an amazing man who is a chef. We are both creative people and love to share our gifts with the world in many different forms. We moved from Ohio to Colorado in hopes of living one of my biggest dreams after I was poisoned by an insecticide that was improperly sprayed in my apartment by a worker at the complex.

My fianc'e has recently had a reduction in hours at his job. The restaurant he was working in had to close for renovations, and he was transferred to another establishment that didn't have as many hours to offer. Most times we are living paycheck to paycheck, so a reduction in hours is a huge setback. He has recently returned to his normal schedule, but we're behind on our rent because of this income loss. We are hoping Modest Needs can help pay our rental payment this month.

Your kindness will help us save our home, car, keep us fed, and much more. I climbed many proverbial mountains to get here after being so sick, and your help will save my dream of staying in the mountains and getting strong enough to eventually climb the real thing. The poison took a lot of my life from me, and my fianc'e too. We fought too hard to get here to give up now, and someday I want to tell my kids what it means to never give up and have this story to tell them to prove it.

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