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We Need Your Help With The Cost of a Foundation Repair. Water is Coming Into Our Basement.

My Story:

We are twins sisters who live together in Queens. We both worked full time at JFK airport for 25 years but we are now retired. We lost our mother in august 2017, which has been hard on us.

We are now living on only our social security retirement income and we have an emergency. Our basement wall cracked and water is coming into our basement. We have to mop every time it rains and it interferes with our daily life worrying if it will affect our heat and hot water heater in our basement. We also have our washer/dryer, gas heater, and a lot of our personal items stored in our basement. We really need Modest Needs' help with this repair.

We cannot afford this after paying for funeral costs for our mother. It would be a blessing for us if we were to get help. Your assistance would allow us to stop worrying about the potential further damage this could cause, which we also could not afford to fix. Thank you so much for your generosity.

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