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College Couple Missed Rent Due to Car Crash

The Details:

My fiancÚ and I are both college students who work part time. My goals are to become a registered nurse, and eventually a nurse practitioner. My fiancÚ is currently in school for diesel mechanics. We both dream of having our own business as well. We both enjoy spending time with our families and friends.

In October, I was in a car crash. Unfortunately at the time, I was uninsured. This caused the courts to petition my license for suspension. Because of this, we hired a lawyer to help me get my license back because without it, both my fiancÚ and I would struggle to complete our goals. We are asking Modest Needs to help pay for our rent payment, which is past due.

The assistance will bring our rental account current and it will take some of the stress off of our minds and hearts. It will help tremendously and keep us from being homeless in these below freezing temperatures. We would be forever grateful for the funding. This help will give us the opportunity to get back on our feet and prepare for emergencies like this in the future. Of course, we will never forget the help and we will always be willing to help those in need when we are able.

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