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I Missed Work For Surgery. Please Help With My Behind Electric Bill.

My Story:

I'm a single mom of three children, two biological and one foster. My oldest boy is 21 and his friend that I've been raising the last seven years is 20. They are currently seeking employment. My 17-year-old daughter is a high school senior. She's a very good student and very active in sports. She's going to college and is an aspiring chef. My oldest son has a new 2-month-old daughter, my first grand baby. I am an assistant property manager of an apartment community. I previously worked for this company for 6 years as a leasing agent and was recently rehired.

In November, I had to have a surgery. While I had tried to put money away, my recovery time was a little longer than expected. I found myself struggling to pay regular monthly bills. Parking and emergency room visits also compounded this issue. I am asking Modest Needs for assistance with my past due electric bill.

Assistance with this bill will allow me to get back on track and maintain my bills on my own once again. Thank you for restoring my sense of stability and independence.

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