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Hardworking Single Mother Of Two Needs Car Repair

My Story:

I am a single mother of two fabulous girls. My 13-year old is very athletic and loves school, and my 19-year old niece whom I had the pleasure of raising is in college and doing very well. I work as a full time Patient Care tech at a school-based health center.

I earn enough income to provide for our basic needs every month. My savings have been going to pay for my niece's college tuition, until she can be approved for in-state tuition. I had no extra funds when my vehicle suddenly broke down without warning three weeks ago. This is our family's only transportation, and without it my daughter is unable to stay after school for practice or activities. I have been getting rides from everyone to get back and forth to work and it has been very difficult. I need Modest Needs help to pay for our car repair.

I am unable to make to the full payment that is required. This funding will allow us to get our car repaired. My daughter will be able to go to basketball practice and bright futures program which she enjoys the most. Your help would make a long lasting impact on our family and we will be forever thankful.

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