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Single Mother of Three Needs Rental Help After Income Loss

My Story:

I am a single mom of three amazing children. My 11-year-old daughter is very creative and enjoys being active in dance and soccer. My 12-year old son is also very active and loves sports, and my oldest son lives home while he is attending college to pursue his degree in Education. He is following in my footsteps which makes me so proud. He also loves sports and enjoys coaching baseball for a local High School. I have taught K-12 for years and currently teaching at the post-secondary level now as a Professor in IT/Computer Science and love it as well. I also am in the process of pursuing my doctoral degree to be an associate professor. 

Our household needs were covered between my full-time teaching position and my adjunct teaching position. I was supposed to have went from Adjunct to full-time status at my current university this past fall, as my Associate Professor was planning on retiring and I have been working towards filling his position. There has been a delay in my promotion to full time that has made things difficult for us. Along with the employment change I also experienced car troubles and had to replace my vehicle so I had transportation to get to work and for my children. These things tend to happen at the worst time and when I wasn't able to have money set aside for this emergency, due to the loss of income. We are looking for Modest Needs assistance with our rental payment.

This assistance will make an immediate large impact on my family, and provide stability.  I will be able to focus on my job and studies, and not the fear of being homeless with my three children. I will soon grow into a solid, stable position of an Associate professor and tenure. At, that point I will be so blessed and able to help others which, I am very much so looking forward too. Thank you.

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