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Domestic Violence Victim Needs Help Paying For Damages Caused By Abuser

My Story:

I am single mother with a 4-year old daughter. She is very loving and fun. Jade and I love to watch movies together and playing outside. I work full-time as a project administrator, which I love. I've been working there for almost two years.

My daughter and I were assaulted by my ex-boyfriend, and I am currently pressing charges. He visited us on Christmas day, started an argument with me, and physically assaulted me and my daughter. He took a frying pan and broke three windows in my home, causing high costs in damages. Jade and I had only been living in our home for a short while, and the leasing office will not make payment arrangements with me. I have to pay them all of the money right away, and I don't have it. There is no way I can pay rent and pay for the damages. I am in fear that my daughter and I will lose our home in the middle of winter with nowhere to go. Please help us.

This funding will ensure that I am able to still pay my usual bills. If I have to pay for the damages to the windows, I will not be able to support myself or my daughter and our life will be changed dramatically. Your help will ease my mind and allow me to be there for myself and my daughter emotionally during this tragic time. This will allow me to focus on building her back up without the stress of how I am going to make ends meet. This will change our lives forever in the best way. We are desperate for your help.

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