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Mental Health Counselor Needs Help With Licensing Exam Fee

My Story:

I am currently employed as a fellow until the end of the year, earning just enough to cover my basic expenses each month. I have been living paycheck to paycheck since last year. Because of my program requirements, I have made two expensive, cross-country moves that have left me with no savings. As the end of the year approaches, my contracted training position will too. In order to continue practicing as a therapist, I have to take a licensing exam. I cannot afford the exam fee. The cost of this exam has put me in an unexpected financial bind and utter exhaustion.

This funding and support would provide me with a sense of stability, security and hope. Rather than delivering food for well below minimum wage until late hours of the evening, I could devote the time needed to prepare and study. In turn, I would be able to provide, and continue to provide, the quality of care my patients need and deserve. Your help and kindness would allow me to continue providing genuine, compassionate treatment for underrepresented and marginalized populations.

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