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Our Family Vehicle Broke Down. We Need Repairs To Continue Commuting To Work.

My Story:

My fiancé is a fun-loving father who works hard to maintain our household. I have two bonus children that we have full custody of. Our daughter is a college student who works for our local school age services. Our oldest son is a junior in high school who loves sports and electronics. We also have a three-year-old who is full of energy and loves trips to the park. Our one year old is loving and kind. He so laid back and submissive and his favorite thing to do is play any kind of ball with his daddy and big brothers.

We have a jeep commander that we use for all family travel. We have the money for our day to day needs, but we are unable to afford the motor replacement of the vehicle. Without this car, we are unable to get everyone to work and school. Without this repair, we could lose our transportation and our normal life is on hold.

This funding will bring peace and stability to our home and allow us to stay current on all bills as well as provide basic needs for our household. We will be able to get everyone to work on time keeping our employment out of jeopardy as well.

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