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Help Family Catch Up After Job Loss

My Story:

I am a married mother of two boys. My 4 year old is very energetic and loves to run, play and build things. My 1 year old is very expressive and loves to chat (baby gabber) at everyone. He loves to play with his big brother when he can keep up. They both enjoy playing with our dog Willa Lucille. I am a stay at home, work from home mom running a small part-time art business after a hard hit with employment loss. My husband works on a Hops farm. He works very hard to keep up with our needs as much as possible.

I worked at a company for five years and when I was 30 weeks pregnant with our now 1 year old, I sadly lost my job. I to start my in-home art business. When my unemployment ended and we waited for food benefits we really could not afford many of our bills so we got behind on rent and utilities. Now that my business is picking up we can realistically afford our bills once we can get caught up. We really can not dig out of this debt without some assistance. We are asking for Modest Needs' assistance to pay our current rent and utilities we owe to our landlords.

If we do not get it caught up soon we fear we could be evicted. This funding will bring our household current with our rent and utilities. It will help to restore our sense of stability and peace of mind with our landlords and our living situation. The long term impact of this funding would be our ability to be current and stay current on our bills.

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