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Teacher Seeks Help to Cover Medical Costs

The Details:

I live with my partner of several years, and our two dogs. We both work in the public school system. He is a paraprofessional and I am a teacher. Because we both work with at-risk kids, our jobs can be stressful and challenging, but always rewarding. To de-stress, we like to take the dogs to the dog park, or take a day trip to the city.

We earn a decent amount of money, but recently we've decided to stretch our money a little further so that my partner could go back to school and earn a degree. It's been great, but when I got the bill for my migraine treatments, my heart dropped. My insurance covers some of it, but not all of it I have had migraines for years and have tried everything. This treatment has been the only treatment that's worked for me.

I have a payment arrangement with the clinic, but if I do not get the assistance, I am worried that I will never pay off the bill. If I don't pay the bill, then I can no longer get the treatments, and I am worried that my migraines will spin out of control. When that happens, I can't work.

This funding will bring the medical bill current and will prevent any collections calls. It will allow me to seek my next treatment, and it will give me some time to explore other sources of income to make these payments on my own. It would also reduce my level of stress, which is always great in reducing my number of migraines.

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