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Large Family With Disabled Son Needs Expensive Car Repair to Transport to Doctors Appointments

The Details:

There is six of us in the family, including my four kids, my husband and me. My husband's English is limited. He works full time as a janitor in a building for a company and I work part time as the caregiver of my disabled son. My older one is 20, he is a full time student in college. My daughter is 18, she is a full time student and just started college. They both like going to school because they would like to get a career to find a better job opportunity. My disabled child is almost 14, he loves sports specially baseball, basketball and soccer, he likes going to school and smiles all the time. My younger one is 9, he likes playing soccer and loves to build legos.

Our car has not been working properly for the last 18 months. One of the back doors don't work at all, the other one on the back too won't always open, the driver air bag don't work either as well as other mechanical problems. We need this vehicle mostly to take our disabled child to medical appointments. Unfortunately our income is not sufficient to pay an extra bill. It's really scary having to drive your car when is not working right because I don't know when or where my vehicle will stop working. We need Modest Needs help with this repair.

After what my family it's been through we will learn that there is charitable people out there and my kids will see that angels do live on earth. It will also be a relief not having to worry about another bill anymore and or thinking where our car will stop. Also I will focus on trying to get another part time job, then starting saving for a down payment for a house. I will hopefully give back the home to my kids that once was taken away, so that they are in a safe neighborhood again.

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