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Public Service Worker and Single Mom Needs Car Payment After Child Support Decreased

The Details:

I am a single mother of two teenagers who are currently a junior and senior in high school. I work for the city government in an entry level job as a customer service representative answering phones though I will work hard to advance myself there. I have a Bachelor's in Psychology and I know this will help open up opportunities for advancement. My son has high spatial aptitude and wants to be a mechanic. My daughter is very artistic and is taking cosmetology and art classes in high school. We have two cats named Amadeus and Master Chief that we adore. I did previously live in this residence with my ex-boyfriend who has left. He still has a good relationship with my children and is a positive influence in their lives.

I had a very expensive car repair in March as my brakes were in bad shape. Additionally, child support received from my ex-husband went down drastically. I live pay check to pay check. Due to this, I have gotten behind on my car payment just to pay for simple things like food. I need my vehicle as it is our only method of transportation and I can not continue to work without it. We need Modest Needs help catching the car payment up which is a month behind.

The grant would bring us back to current with the bills again and allow us to be able to pay for rent, food, and transportation for work without immediate worry. I hope to eventually be able to build enough back up to start saving for an emergency fund because we live very much paycheck to paycheck. This would have a long lasting effect on our family. I am currently eating very meagerly on Ramen and mac, so my kids can eat healthy meals. I work hard. I don't want a hand out, but would very much appreciate a hand up to help.

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