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Single Mom Struggling After Family Car Had A Total Break Down

My Story:

I am a single mom to my 8-year-old daughter. We live right up the hill from the elementary school my daughter attends and enjoy playing on the playground as much as possible. We have a cat named KC and a hamster who is currently named Elvis, although my daughter changes her mind about his name often. I work full time at a Doctor's office and enjoy my job.

We live pay check to pay check but manage to get by. I have just received a small promotion that will help with bills going forward. Recently, after years of much appreciated service, our van died, with lots of smoke and noise. So, we had to get a new car right away. I was able to purchase a used car and was required to put $2000 down. I used my rent money in order to cover it.

This funding will catch up our rent, all other bills are current and I will be able to pay them going forward. This would be a tremendous relief as this year has been stressful with early health issues and financial obligations. It appears things are turning around and this kindness would make such a difference in mine and my daughters lives. Although I try to hide my stress, as a lot of 9 years olds are, my daughter is very perceptive and I know she worries about me.

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