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Veteran Needs Help To Stay Afloat

The Details:

I am a single Veteran who just admitted to having major depression. I was admitted to the hospital for treatment and when I came back the job I was working would cost more to get there then it was paying. I have applied to numerous places. I heard back from one position but but now I'm waiting to hear from the doctor who gave my physical to approve it (cause of my depression).

My lack of a steady income caused this hardship and what I saved up has run dry. The VA is trying to help me in getting a job as an armored car courier. I'm nervous that I won't have the money to pay the rest of this months bills and I'm scared I will be homeless by next month. I need Modest Needs help in paying my rental balance.

This funding will allow me to stay afloat while I transition to full time work. This funding will keep me in my home and remain stable. Thank you.

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