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A Vehicle Break Down Could Put All 7 Of Us On The Street

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I am recently married to my high school sweetheart of 25 years. Together we have 5 beautiful girls. We have A 14-year-old who will be starting her sophomore year in high school. My 12-year-old was accepted into a s.t.e.m. program due to her being gifted. And my 8-year-old also passed the gifted test and is excited about starting 3rd grade soon. I also have a set of twin 11 year olds who were born prematurely and have a few issues, such as asthma and epilepsy. However, we've learned how to deal over the years.

The last day of school my truck broke down on campus, I have an older truck and it needed more work than I thought. My truck is my only means of transportation and so I had to get it fixed. Now I know I will not be able to cover the rent and utilities for the house. We just got the truck up and running last week. I am asking for assistance with our because I do not want us to be without a roof over our head.

While I know, everyone goes thru financial hardship occasionally, I do not want my family to be homeless. I moved because I wanted to create a better life for my kids. And they have done nothing but excel since moving. I do not want to let them down by failing as adults. Paying these bills will bring us out of this financial strain and allow us enough time to save for next month.

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