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Single Navy Veteran Needs Rental Help

My Story:

I am a single 37 year old guy with no children as of yet. I am a veteran of the US Navy, I served from 1999 to 2003. I graduated from community college and then Washburn University in 2013. My career goal is to be a paralegal. I haven't had much success due to limited openings. Currently I work in general labor and customer service.

As my sole provider, I live pay check to pay check so any unexpected expenses always puts me behind. I recently had to replace the transmission in my vehicle. This was a huge expense that put in a very very tight financial bind. I am now behind on my rental payment and I need Modest Needs help to get me current.

This funding would lift so much stress out of my life. This would bring me current on my rental bill and allow me to start focusing more on my career goals. Any help that could be given would be very much so appreciated. Thank you.

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