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Single Mother of 3 Needs Help With Health Insurance After Stroke

The Details:

Teneasha is a 39-year-old single mother of 3. She has a beautiful 21-year-old daughter who is home from college for the moment, and two very active boys ages 11 and 10. Her daughter, has been through 3 heart surgeries and is in good spirits. Her older son loves drawing and basketball and her younger son has ADHD so he gets very busy at time but he loves football and wrestling which helps keep him focused. Prior to her stroke Teneasha enjoyed working as administrative assistant for Burnsville Alternative High School organizing and planning events.

On December 4, 2016, which just so happened to be her younger brother's birthday, Teneasha suffered a stroke that left her unable to speak for a while, and altered her ability to understand and remember the meaning of even simple sentences and words. But with the help of physical and occupational therapy she returned to work on June 19th for limited hours per day because she still suffers from fatigue and needs frequent naps. She is the sole provider for herself and children and her income has been cut below half while on FMLA. Therefore, her daughter came home from college to help with her brothers and took a short leave from school until things can get back to normal for her mom. Teneasha is in urgent assistance from Modest Needs to help with her heath insurance payments which is in arrears. Teneasha will continue to get this bill until she returns to work on a full-time basis. She can't afford their health insurance and it worries her that it will be cut off and she will be unable to keep her therapy appointments, and other various appointments for her family.

This funding will bring her current, which will be a great blessing to her and her children and give her relief of stress. Your help will make it possible for her and her family to receive upcoming medical care. Teneasha expresses great faith in knowing that the kindness and compassion of others will make a difference in the lives of those they don't even know but reach out to when and where they can. It is also her hope to pay it forward when she's able! Thankfully submitted by her mother.

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