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Single Teacher of 2 Suffered a Stroke, Need Rental Assistance

The Details:

I am a single mom of two amazing boys whom are 7 and 12 years old. My 7 year old has special needs and enjoys playing dress up. My 12 year old is a typical energetic preteen. I enjoys listening to music and athletic sports. The kids favorite sport right now is hockey. I work full time as a lead preschool teacher at an amazing parent cooperative.

In mid April on the 18th, I suffered a stroke due to an unknown congenital heart defect, which left me unable to work. Up until that point I was an energetic mom whom was physically active and participated in many things. When I suffered the stroke it left me unable to work for several months and I received short term disability which put me in a financial bind. I became behind with bills especially my rent because I was relying only on 50% of my income. I need Modest Needs' assistance in paying for my rent because during the stroke I was focused on recovery and various doctors appointments.

This financial support will assist me and my family with homeless prevention and help bring this particular bill current. I am worried I could loose my apartment which is really stressful given my current heart condition. If I could just get a head and be back on track I know we could be ok. My 7 year old yesterday said Mommy we don't do anything fun any more. I am fortunate that I have been cleared to work full time as a preschool teacher with physical modification.

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