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Social Worker Needs Car Repairs To Keep Her Job

My Story:

I am a recent college graduate. I received my Master of Social Work and desire to work with children in the foster care system. I work part time for a non-profit organization and actively seeking full time employment.

I manage my month to month to month expense with my part time income and assistance from local food pantries and picking up odd jobs. I have been problems with my car recently. I have used all my savings to get most of the work done. However, the issues are not resolved. Both shocks and struts are bad, which are wearing my new front tires out. These repairs have been needed since March and I have been unable to afford them. Recently, the car has started to shake terribly any time I drive over 60 MPH. The longer I wait to have this issued resolve the more it will cost.

This funding will ensure that I have reliable transportation to and from work as well as assist me with my current job search. This funding will also give me peace of mind. The shaking of the vehicle when I drive over 60 mph causes me great anxiety. I fear the car will break down while I'm driving by myself from work at night and this gives me a lot of stress.

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