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Single Mother Needs Rental Help After Major Car Repairs

The Details:

I am a single mother to a wonderful son. He will be six years old this August and is going to 1st grade. I work full-time at PNC Bank as a Loan Support Associate. My son enjoys basketball and animals, he loves Steph Curry and the zoo. I attended college and received my bachelors here in Pennsylvania at Edinboro University. We our originally from Buffalo NY and just resided here in the Pittsburgh area a few months ago.

I am the sole provider working paycheck to paycheck here in a city with no family. The savings have been diminishing since the challenges I have faced since moving here in December. I recently had a car break down in which I had to pay for out of pocket for a transmission and caused a financial set back. I need Modest Needs' help to pay my rent that I am currently behind. I am worried that me and my son will be evicted and I have just relocated to a place with no family, to better our opportunities. I do not want to lose my home.

This funding will help bring my household current and take a lot of stress off me to maintain stability for me and my child. Modest Needs' help would change my life for the better and give me a confidence and impact that I can gain in order to help someone that will be faced with difficult situations like myself.

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