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SIngle Mother Needs Rental Assistance After Car Down Payment

My Story:

I am a single mother of a little boy who turned 3 this month and he is my everything. He's so smart and is transitioning into big boy undies and so proud of himself! We have a dog who we rescued from a shelter and she is the perfect dog for my son and a great companion for me while my son is away at his dads. I work full time at a front desk in Real estate. I also want to go back to school to finish my degree.

We recently moved into my own house to rent. After a bankruptcy from cancer bills, and a car loan scam, my credit spiraled down. Unfortunately, the car was reported as a Repo and I had to search for a cheaper car. I had a hard time being approved for a loan due to my credit and had to take our savings of $1000 to use it as a down payment in order to be financed. I had no option what so ever on any car other than the one they had there to be approved for, and I had one day to handle it all to have transportation to work. We now need Modest Needs assistance to help with our rent. We just moved in, and just fell in a hard spot and need a little pick me up while I try and make things work better for us and obtain a second income.

This generous donation would help us in many ways to relieve some financial stress and allow me to get caught up on the other things. Your help would ease my severe depression and stress. We just moved in and I fell in a hard spot. We need this little pick me up while I try and make things work better for us and obtain a second income.

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