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A Broken Arm Shouldn't Break The Bank

The Details:

I am a single mom to two amazing children. My son is nine years old who loves the outdoors and sports and my daughter is two months old. I love spending time with them and watching my sons sporting events.

An injury prevented me from working and my short-term disability payment didn't cover our expenses. I went through my savings and tax refund to cover living expenses for the months I was off work and got behind on my car payment. I made sure we had food and heat and could not cover this bill. I am worried that I could lose my vehicle in the next month if I don't get my payment caught up.

This funding will bring my household current and be able to restore my sense of stability. This help will have a big impact of myself and my family. It would set a great example for my son. Your kindness will show them that people can make a difference and inspire him to keep helping others.

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