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Need Rent Help After Paying for My Son's Funeral

The Details:

I am a full time working mother with a beautiful, smart, teenage daughter to take care of. My husband is currently working part time, but continues to seek full time employment. My 15-year-old son passed away two weeks before Christmas of 2016. His funeral expenses left us with very broken hearts and no savings. Two months later, in February of 2017, my former husband and the father of my children took his own life. We have no support system and we are struggling to do this on our own.

We have managed to pay rent for March, however April will be here soon and we are one paycheck away from getting evicted. If I could get a month ahead on rent we could manage to get up to speed and start saving again. My landlord has already threatened eviction so I know I cannot be late with any more rent payments.

If we don't receive assistance my family will most likely be homeless. We don't have funds to move to a new location if my landlord evicts us. This funding would allow us to stay in our home and get current on other bills. Most importantly, the stability would allow us to start rebuilding our lives and allow us a moment to breath after the rollercoaster of the last few months.

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