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Recently Separated Veteran Needs Mortgage Help

The Details:

I a married father with a loving wife and beautiful 2-year-old daughter. We all love swimming! My wife recently started a job as an aquatics manager and I will be starting school in April.

I separated from the Army in September 2016. My wife and I were struggling to find jobs. We finally have exhausted our savings after being unemployed for 6 months. However, now that my wife has a full-time job and I will be going back to school, we will finally make enough to cover the bills. However, since we were so far behind on payments, all our money is going to paying those overdue bills. We just need a bit of help to get us back on track. School payments from the GI bill does not start until a month after school begins, so we will be short on the mortgage.

This funding would help enormously. It would finally get us back on track to paying our bills. It will ease our minds and let us stop stressing about any impending foreclosure or repossession. It will give us a chance to save for future emergencies. My family would greatly appreciate the help and in turn, use this as an inspiration to help others in need.

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