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Single Parent Needs Help Replacing Broken Washer/Dryer Unit

My Story:

I am a single mother of two beautiful teenage daughters. They are artistic and have compassion for others. They fill my life with joy!

We have enough income coming in each month to pay our bills, but I have issues with low blood pressure that can make it hard for me to take on additional tasks at times. When my condition acts up, I cannot drive anywhere or do anything physically demanding. This has been a problem for us since our washer and dryer stopped working and were beyond repair. It has been very difficult for me to get to the public laundry, and my daughters have had to go to friends' houses to do their laundry these past few weeks.

We are asking for Modest Needs to help us replace our washer/dryer unit. It has been incredibly hard for us to be able to wash our clothes, and I do not want my daughters to worry about having clean clothes to wear.

Your help will allow my daughters to feel confident, knowing they can depend on me to take care of them and will no longer have to be concerned about how we will get our clothes washed. This one-time help to replace our washer and dryer will make a huge impact on all of us, and make things much more manageable for me. Thanks so much for your consideration.

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