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Car Troubles and Illness Caused Me to Miss Work: Please Help with Rent

The Details:

I am a single woman, living alone in a cozy one bedroom apartment with my three sweet cats. I work as a technician for an Optometrist and love my job.

I work full-time and generally earn enough money to cover all of my bills. My car recently died, though, and it is not repairable. I have had to pay for rides to get back and forth to work. This has added some strain on my already tight budget, but I feel fortunate to still have a way to get to my job. When I was sick recently, I was out of work for a short time, and lost pay as a result. This has put me behind on my rent, and in an unimaginably stressful financial bind.

I need to ask for Modest Needs' help with my rent, which is currently a month late. I am terrified I could lose my home and have nowhere to live with my cats. I do not currently even own a vehicle to stay in if I lost my home. My cats are m babies, and I have never had to worry about something like this before.

This funding will bring my rent up to date, and then put me back in a position where I can pay on time again. With your help, I will be able to breathe again and not worry about the possibility of having to find a homeless shelter or give away my cats, which is unthinkably frightening to me. I would be so grateful for your assistance and have a renewed sense of hope.

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