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Military Veteran/Teacher Needs Help with Mortgage after Car Repair Expense

The Details:

I am a married father of four now-grown children that no longer live at home with us. Both my wife and I are school teachers. I teach at the community college, which is a substantial distance from where we live. My wife teaches in our local community.

We earn enough through our jobs and my VA benefits to afford our daily expenses and monthly bills, but we do not have a savings. When the heater core on my vehicle died without warning, I had to pay for an unexpected repair in order to have transportation to work. The repair has set us back a bit, especially right now during the Christmas season when things already feel a little more financially strained.

We are asking Modest Needs to help with our mortgage payment. The money used to fix my vehicle has left us short on our house payment, and has thrown our budget for a loop.

Your assistance would make a long-lasting impact on us by bringing us back on schedule with our financial obligations. We believe that people truly can make a difference in the lives of others, and use this as our inspiration to help others in turn. Thank you for your consideration.

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